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Sharp rise in new office development reported

Aberdeen City Council has released information showing a sharp rise in new office developments completed, under construction, and granted detailed planning consent in 2013.

Aberdeen City Council granted detailed planning consent for 81,146 square metres of class four office space in 2013; 103,409sq m was under construction; and 11,474 sq m was completed. In comparison, 2012 saw detailed planning consent granted for 11,520sq m of office space; 67,990 sq m were under construction; and 3,225 sq m was completed.

This increase in activity reflects state of the local economy and the market response to the release of significant additional land for employment purposes through the strategic and local development plans over recent years. 

A range of independent reports over recent years have highlighted the strength of the local economy and its capacity for further growth, often ranking Aberdeen in the top-5 UK cities. Recent examples include the Centre for Cities (Cities Outlook 2014) and PwC/Demos (Good Growth for Cities 2013).

The report (Office and Hotel Planning Information 2013) and associated press release ("Soaring development reflects city's strength") are available from Aberdeen City Council's website.

4 February 2014