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Consultation on North-east future closes next week

Consultation on the future development of the Aberdeen City and Shire region closes next Friday (6 Jan 2012).

The views of citizens, businesses and community groups are being sought on a new Main Issues Report, which suggests updates to the Aberdeen City and Shire Structure Plan 2009 to address the difficult economic times and to respond to the challenges and opportunities of climate change.

Publication and consultation on the Main Issues Report is a key part of the process to replace the 2009 Structure Plan with a new Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan to guide development up to 2035, which will be submitted to Scottish Ministers in 2013.

People have been submitting responses to the Main Issues Report since it was published in October, with more than 1,200 people accessing the Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Planning Authority's website at www.aberdeencityandshire-sdpa.gov.uk since the start of the consultation.

The discussion document recognises the robust and resilient nature of the North-east economy over recent years and highlights the importance locally and nationally of supporting this. Transport and digital connectivity are pinpointed as critical to enhancing growth locally, as well as continuing to create opportunities for businesses and households to move to the area.

The consultation suggests that we continue to plan for high levels of growth and that the focus should remain on creating sustainable mixed communities.

The delivery of much-needed affordable housing has become more challenging over recent years - and the Main Issues Report identifies a growing need for such housing and the importance of creative solutions to ensure we meet as much of that need as possible within the significant financial constraints which exist.

Managing our resources more efficiently will also be vital over the next 20 years to both economic success and to tackling the environmental challenges we face.

We currently waste significant quantities of energy and water, while disposing of our waste in landfill sites is also damaging. Options for more sustainable energy use and for better waste management are set out in the Main Issues Report, with a recognition that changing the way we deal with our waste is particularly challenging.

Four proposals have been put forward in the consultation document for potential inclusion in the new Strategic Development Plan, with a capital value of several billion pounds, including carbon capture and storage, new electricity transmission infrastructure at Peterhead, and transport improvements in and around Aberdeen to cope with the level of growth anticipated over this period.

The Strategic Development Planning Authority, on behalf of both Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils, would like to encourage as many as possible to respond to the consultation, whether businesses, community groups or individuals.

More information, including the Main Issues Report, is available from the SDPA website (Consultation Now Open: Proposed Strategic Development Plan and Associated Documents). Responses to the Main Issues Report can be made up to 6 January by email to team@aberdeencityandshire-sdpa.gov.uk, in writing to Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Planning Authority, Archibald Simpson House, 27-29 King Street, Aberdeen AB24 5AA, or by fax on 01224 640517.

29 December 2011