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Housing Need and Demand Assessment Update 'robust and credible'

The Scottish Government's Centre for Housing Market Analysis (CHMA) has indicated that the Housing Need and Demand Assessment (HNDA) update submitted to them in March 2011 has been assessed as 'robust and credible'.

The assessment is currently being prepared for publication and will be used as a key document to inform the strategic development plan, as well as the local housing strategies being prepared by the two councils.

The 2011 assessment updates the HNDA prepared in 2010. It includes more recent data on population and household change as well as more up-to-date information on housing need.

The assessment was prepared by the two councils and the SDPA in partnership with a range of private and public sector organisations ranging from mortgage lenders, housing associations, house builders and economic development agencies.

The Housing Need and Demand Assessment page of the website will be updated with the 2011 assessment when it is published, with the 2010 HNDA being archived.

1 June 2011