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Concerns raised over delay on AWPR

The Aberdeen City and Shire's Strategic Development Planning Authority (SDPA) considered a report detailing progress on key projects essential to the future of the North-east at a meeting on Friday 03 December 2010.

The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) was highlighted as a strategic project that has failed to progress as anticipated.

Elected members from both Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council expressed deep concern about the current situation, while recognising that the legal process must run its course.

Aberdeenshire councillor Peter Argyle, chair of the SDPA said: "The AWPR is not just a road, but part of an integrated strategy for the future development of the area. We have waited a long time for the AWPR and it appears that because of three objectors we will need to wait even longer. I hope that the court procedures will be concluded swiftly so that we can move forward with this important infrastructure project."

Vice chair, city councillor Kate Dean added: "The AWPR itself is important enough to the region, but other vital transport projects such as the Balmedie to Tipperty dualling, improvements to the Haudagain Roundabout and Dyce and Portlethen park and ride sites are also being held up until the AWPR is in place."

Elected members from both councils unanimously agreed that achieving the vision of the Aberdeen City and Shire Structure Plan 2009 for a "more attractive, prosperous and sustainable European city region, an excellent place to live, visit and do business" depended on the completion of projects such as the AWPR.

Until these are delivered, there is a real possibility that the economy of the North-east will suffer needlessly when there is a scheme on the table that the vast majority of residents, businesses and indeed MSPs want to see on the ground and which has passed through the necessary statutory processes.

7 December 2010