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Structure Plan Approved

The Scottish Ministers have today approved the Aberdeen City and Shire Structure Plan 2009 with no modifications.

In reaching their decision they have considered all representations and objections made to them in accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Structure and Local Plans) (Scotland) Regulations 1983. In addition to the matters taken into account in the Structure Plan as submitted, the Scottish Ministers have considered such other matters as they thought relevant.

The Scottish Ministers decision is final, subject to the right conferred by Section 238 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 of any person aggrieved by the Scottish Ministers' decision to apply to the Court of Session within a period of six weeks from the date of publication of the first notice of the approval of the Structure Plan 14 August 2009.

That right can be exercised by anyone who questions the validity of the Scottish Ministers' decision on the grounds that that decision is not within the powers conferred by the aforementioned Act or that any requirement of that Act or any Regulations made under that Act has not been complied with.

The Aberdeen City and Shire Structure Plan will become operative on 17 August 2009 and will replace the Structure Plan approved in 2001 (except within that part of Aberdeenshire within the Cairngorms National Park).

Links below are to the Scottish Ministers' decision letter and related documents:

The Scottish Government website also contains links to these documents.

14 August 2009