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Development proposal singled out for praise

A development proposal in Aberdeen City was yesterday praised for having the potential to provide a basis for demonstrating how sustainable communities can be delivered – setting an example for others to follow in terms of its aspiration to create a high quality sustainable community fit for the 21st Century. The proposal by the Grandhome Trust for a new community at Grandhome and Whitestripes was announced by Nicola Sturgeon MSP (Deputy First Minister) as being one of eleven successful schemes under the Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative (SSCI).

The SSCI was launched by the Scottish Government in June 2008 to encourage the creation of a number of very low or zero carbon communities and provide a platform to stimulate a rise in environmental and design quality standards. A total of 68 proposals were submitted to the initiative before the deadline of 19 September 2008, with seven coming from Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.

A report on the outcome of the initiative is now available on the Scottish Government website. This notes that the Grandhome and Whitestripes submission "clearly demonstrates a long-term commitment from the landowner to deliver sustainable mixed-use development as an expansion of Aberdeen. Plans for significant development in this location are still at an early stage, however the submission outlines an approach which accords with SSCI, including inherent sustainability in site layout, building design and development of facilities which will support existing communities as well as new residents. The proposal has support in the Structure Plan which seeks to focus large scale housing growth within the City."

Cllr Scott Cassie, Chair of the Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Planning Authority (SDPA) welcomed the Scottish Government's announcement – "Aberdeen City and Shire have an ambitious growth strategy which highlights the importance of the quality and sustainability of new development. The recognition given to a proposal in this area by the Scottish Government under the SSCI is particularly welcome."

Speaking after the announcement at 'The Lighthouse' in Glasgow, David Jennings, Strategic Development Plan Manager for the SDPA stressed that "the qualities recognised by the judging panel in the Grandhome and Whitestripes proposal are ones that we will be looking for in all developments coming forward in Aberdeen City and Shire. Along with the Scottish Government, we want this type of proposal to become the norm rather than the exception."

The Finalised Aberdeen City and Shire Structure Plan highlights the need for a step-change in the quality of new development - development which is sustainable, mixed and focused on meeting the needs of the community. The plan supports the Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative and its objective to raise the standard of new development by identifying inspirational new developments to act as examples for others to follow.

The SDPA will work with the landowner,Aberdeen City Council, the Scottish Government and others to move this proposal forward and enable the lessons learnt to be widely disseminated.

An exhibition about the Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative which highlights the successful schemes began at 'The Lighthouse' in Glasgow yesterday and runs until 12 June 2009.

21 May 2009