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Structure Plan Update

The new structure plan for Aberdeen City and Shire has reached an important point in its preparation and the likely process over the next few months is outlined below.


Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils formally started the preparation of a new structure plan on 23 February 2007. The process has involved considerable engagement and consultation with both communities and stakeholders.

A draft plan was published for consultation in June 2008. The closing date for responses was 12 September 2008 and approximately 470 were received which were distilled into almost 2,500 individual comments.

The Strategic Development Planning Authority (SDPA) were presented with draft responses to around half of the 2,500 individual comments on 3 December 2008 and the second instalment will be presented on 23 January 2009. These are draft responses and no decisions have/will be taken at these meetings in relation to them.

Next Steps

The Strategic Development Plan Team is currently working on a number of documents which will be required for the plan to progress to submission:

  • an addendum to the 'Strategic Environmental Assessment';
  • an 'Appropriate Assessment';
  • a 'Publicity and Consultation Statement';
  • an 'Equalities and Human Rights Impact Assessment'; and
  • a 'Background Paper'

The key milestones over the coming months include:

13 February 2009 SDPA meet to agree responses to comments on the draft plan and to recommend to both Councils the submission of a Finalised Structure Plan to Scottish Ministers. 
16 February 2009 (week of) Both Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils to agree the submission of the Finalised Structure Plan to Scottish Ministers, ratifying the decision of the SDPA.
 27 February 2009 Finalised Structure Plan submitted to Scottish Ministers and placed on deposit for objections. Notices placed in the Edinburgh Gazette, Press & Journal and weekly papers in Aberdeenshire. The plan and associated documentation will be made available at the main Council offices, public libraries and on the SDPA website. Copies of the plan will be sent to all those who commented on the draft plan and letters sent to a wider audience.
 24 April 2009 Close of objection period (8 weeks) on the Finalised Structure Plan to Scottish Ministers.

21 January 2009