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Aberdeen City and Shire Structure Plan 2009

The Aberdeen City and Shire Structure Plan 2009 plan can be listened to as a whole or in individual chapters (to enable a faster download speed).

Whole document (16mb)

1  -  Title (page 1) (35kb)

2  -  Foreword (page 2) (290kb)

3  -  Introduction (page 5-6) (1.2mb)

4  -  The vision for the plan (page 7-8) (535kb)

5  -  The spatial strategy (page 9-11) (2.4mb)

6  -  Objectives - Economic growth (page 13-14) (1.3mb)

7  -  Objectives - Sustainable development and climate change (page 15-16) (1.1mb)

8  -  Objectives - Population growth (page 17-18) (1.3mb)

9  -  Objectives - Quality of the environment (page 19-20) (700kb)

10 - Objectives - Sustainable mixed communities (page 21-22) (1.1mb)

11 - Objectives - Accessibility (page 23-24) (650kb)

12 - Putting the plan into practice (page 25-26) (1.6mb)

13 - Schedule 1 (page 27) (1.5mb)

14 - Glossary (page 28-30) (2mb)

15 - Contact details (page 32) (150kb)



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