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Action Programme

The Strategic Development Planning Authority are committed to the production of an action programme to support delivery of the Aberdeen City & Shire Structure Plan 2009.

The action programme highlights each of the 60 targets and projects in the structure plan and identifies lead and partner roles as well as the expected outcome. It is however clear that implementation of the structure plan is not solely the role of the SDPA or the councils. Delivering on all actions will require partnership working with numerous organisations in the public and private sector. While many actions are well defined, others are still evolving in discussion with stakeholders. It is important to keep this in mind when reviewing the action programme.

A draft action programme was reported to the SDPA on 18 September and again on 4 December 2009. At the December meeting, the SDPA agreed to the publication of the action programme and to twice yearly reports on progress; the next planned for December 2010. It has been recognised that the nature of the action programme is that it will continue to evolve and regular updates will be required; for this reason it is only available on the website.