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Current Work

Under the Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006 the structure plan approved in 2009 will be replaced by a strategic development plan. The Development Plan Scheme published in March 2013 sets out our programme for preparing the region's first strategic development plan by 2014. An outline of the process to date, with relevant publications and reports can be found below.



Scottish Ministers approval of the plan 


 21 January - 28 March 2014

Scottish Ministers' Decision Letter


Scottish Government Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Determination


Scottish Government Habitats Regulations Appraisal Screening Determination


Scottish Government Equalities Impact Assessment Determination

 Examination  8 July 2013 - 21 January 2014

Examination Webpage 

(Scottish Government - Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals)

Examination Report


Summary of recommendations by issue

Proposed Strategic Development Plan Consultation 22 February  - 12 April 2013

Proposed Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan (2013)   [Key]

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Habitats Regulations Appraisal

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Equalities and Human Rights Impact Assessment

Proposed Action Programme

Proposed Plan Representations Form (updated)

Supporting Documents Representations Form (updated)

Proposed Plan Notice

Press Release

Main Issues Report - Consultation Report

 See 'Examination Webpage' above

Main Issues Report


7 October 2011 -

6 January 2012

Main Issues Report

Monitoring Statement

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Habitats Regulations Assessment

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Climate Change Study

Housing Need and Demand Assessment

Transport Background Paper

Equalities & Human Rights Impact Assessment

Consultation Report

Community Council


23 May 2011  Briefing Note  
Strategic Environmental Assessment  02 July 2010  Scoping Report   Response

The SDPA has also prepared supplementary planning guidance to support the current structure plan. Entitled 'Delivering Identified Projects Through a Strategic Transport Fund', the guidance has now been ratified by both councils.

More information on supporting delivery of the structure plan can be found by following the link to 'Action Programme'.