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Housing Need and Demand Assessment (2010)

The Scottish Government requires that development plans and local housing strategies are informed by the preparation of a 'Housing Need and Demand Assessment' (HNDA). The HNDA provides robust evidence on which to base planning and housing policy interventions. The assessment considers the operation and scope of current housing markets, identifying key drivers within the housing system to assess the future housing market and the housing needs of current and future residents. The work was undertaken jointly by the three authorities; Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and the Aberdeen City and Shire SDPA – with assistance provided by Newhaven Research. Officers worked in partnership with the Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Housing Market Partnership, made up of various council services, businesses organisations and other stakeholder groups. A final assessment was subsequently submitted to the Scottish Government's Centre for Housing Market Analysis (CHMA) for appraisal.

HNDA Executive Summary (2010)

Aberdeen City and Shire HNDA (2010) (4mb)

Appendix 1: Strategic Housing Market Partnership Meeting Notes (210kb)

Appendices 2-9: Background Information (1.5mb)

Scottish Planning Policy (2010) states that, where an assessment is considered 'robust and credible' by the Scottish Government (CHMA), the approach used will not normally be considered at the development plan examination. Instead, the examination will focus upon the proposed development plan and its relationship with the findings of the assessment. On 15 June 2010 the CHMA issued its appraisal, determining the 'Aberdeen City and Shire Housing Need and Demand Assessment' to be 'robust and credible'.

Scottish Government Appraisal

An updated assessment will be prepared in early 2011 to inform the 'Main Issues Report' for the strategic development plan and both local housing strategies.

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