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Archived Publications

Documents produced by the Aberdeen City and Shire SDPA.

The SDPA's archived publications are listed below. 


Development Plan Scheme









Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance (October 2011)

Draft SPG: Delivering Identified Projects through a Strategic Transport Fund

Housing Need and Demand Assessment (June 2010)

Aberdeen City and Shire HNDA 2010 - Executive Summary

Aberdeen City and Shire HNDA 2010 - Main Report

Appendix 1: Strategic Housing Market Partnership Meeting Notes

Appendices 2-9: Background Information

Scottish Government Appraisal

Consultation on Finalised Structure Plan (February 2009)

Finalised Aberdeen City and Shire Structure Plan

Publicity and Consultation Statement

Publicity and Consultation Statement - Appendix 5

Publicity and Consultation Statement - Appendix 7

Addendum to the Report of Survey  (Report of Survey 2007)

Addendum to the SEA Environmental Report  (SEA Environmental Report 2008)

Appropriate Assessment

Equalities and Human Rights Impact Assessment

Background Paper

Consultation on Draft Structure Plan (June 2008)

Draft Structure Plan (June 2008)

SEA Environmental Report

Equalities and Human Rights Impact Assessment

Background Paper (June 2008)

Draft Structure Plan: Consultation Questions

Consultation on Structure Plan Issues

Structure Plan: Issues report

Structure Plan: Getting involved

Report of Survey

SEA Scoping Report

SEA Scoping Report Appendices



Annual Report               


Annual Report and PPF 2016/17  
Annual Report and PPF 2015/16 Auditors Report to Members 2014/15 
Annual Report and PPF 2014/15


Auditors Report to Members 2014/15

Annual Report and PPF 2013/14

Audited Statement of Accounts 2013/14 

Auditors Report to Members 2013/14

Annual Report and PPF 2012/13


Auditors Report to Members 2012/13 

Annual Report 2011/12

Audited Statement of Accounts 2011/12 

Auditors Report to Members 2011/12 

Annual Report 2010/11

Statement of Accounts 2010/11 

Audit Scotland Report to Members 2010/11   

Annual Report 2009/10  

Statement of Accounts 2009/10

Audit Scotland Report to Members 2009/10

Annual Report 2008/09

Statement of Accounts 2008/09

Audit Scotland Report to Members 2008/09

All publications produced and commissioned by the SDPA are available to be downloaded here in PDF format.

Alternatively, publications may be available in hard copy. Please contact us to enquire about hard copy availability.

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